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Fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making method: the modular approach in the characteristic objects method

Wojciech Sałabun
fuzzy set theory, multi-criteria decision-making, MCDM, decision support system, decision support system, expert system, characteristic objects, the COMET method

The paper introduces the modular approach in the Characteristic Objects method for the reduction of the rules base and thereby avoiding the curse of dimensionality. In this way, the required number of comparisons, between characteristic objects, is highly reduced. The modular approach decomposes a decisional model to related submodels, where each submodel aggregates correlated criteria. In the result, the modular solution consists of several fuzzy modules, which create a hierarchical structure of the considered problem. The proposed approach is compared with the conventional approach by using two exemplary decision functions. For this purpose, three and six-dimensional reference functions are used. Performed experiments enabled the comparison of an accuracy a proposed approach

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